[Outsystems to Teams] No notifications show up in Teams
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I've followed the guide and double-checked, and I seem to have gone through all the steps.

In the error log I get this error:

and this one:

Any pointers towards where I need to go look?

Hi, I've never used that component, but based on your screenshots and the message returning 400.

400 is a status code which means Bad request. This is usually caused by an error on the request you are passing to the service you are calling (for example, wrong structures or syntax errors).

Try to recheck what the service you're calling is expecting to receive from your end as a request!



I guess that could indicate the component is broken ... 


Hey Soren,

Sorry for getting here so late.

Would you mind checking your endpoint? Perhaps you can provide the teams version and webhook settings?

You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 17/12/2022. 

(Shortened down these two for privacy and security, but they're 100% similar)

From teams:


From site properties TeamsWebHook:


Authorisation is from the Service Account, the full string.

The URL is the lifetimeURL without / at the end and with https://

The WebHook is exactly the same (see previous post)

Anything else I can find for you?

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