[Extension BinaryData] Discussion

[Extension BinaryData] Discussion

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Published on 2010-03-04 by ovatsus
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Published on 2010-03-04 by ovatsus

I was looking at the BinaryData extension and saw: "Starting in version 6.0, this solution is installed with the Platform Server and will no longer be available as a standalone download.

So, I guess I should not use the BinaryData extension in version 6.0 but I can't figure out what it means that it is installed with the Platform Server or how I can use it? It is f.i. not part of the buildin actions of Service studio.
Hi Hans.

You can find the BinaryData extension in the System_Components.osp that should be in your Outsystems Plataform Installation Folder.

System Components are included in all editions of the Platform (starting from 6.0). You can find the osp in system_components.osp in the install directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\System_Components.osp). If you follow the installation checklist it will instruct to publish this solution.

Daniel Martins

Thank you for your answer. The System_Components.osp was indeed published during installation. The BinaryData extension is also on the server. However, I was confused by the previous mentioned message. It is clear now.

How can i convert binary data to base64 text with this extension?

Best regards,
Good question. It is mentioned in the description of the extension but nowhere with the actions.
The encoding possibilities of the actions state that "Possible values are: unicode, utf-8, utf-16, ascii." according to the field description.
But where is the text = Convert.ToBase64String(bytes); ?
Here is an example Base64 extension. Cheers
Here is an example Base64 extension. Cheers
 Thanks. However according the BinaryData description it should be available in that extenstion itself: 
  • Convert binary content to/from text using any character encoding.
  • Determine the size in bytes of a binary content.
  • Convert the character encoding of a binary content.
  • Convert binary content to/from base64.
But if you work with this extension it is not clear how you get the base64 data. Types are mentioned but not base64.
Someone made the base64 for java variant by any chance ?
Hi Joost,

The BinaryData extension from 7.0 version SystemComponents has it (didn't check what version added it, but it's there in
It has both .net and Java implementations.

João Rosado
Yes, how to convert from base64? This is not in list of possible values of Enconding....