How to change version of  Ipa file


My app is version 0.1 but in app store there is old a pp is there so that version is 1.4.8 so i need to change my version to 2.0. How can i change it?

ERROR: Asset validation failed (90062) This bundle is invalid. The value for key CFBundleShortVersionString [0.1] in the Info.plist file must contain a higher version than that of the previously approved version [1.4.8]. Please find more information about CFBundleShortVersionString at https://developer.apple.com/documentation/bundleresources/information_property_list/cfbundleshortversionstring (ID: 378e1be2-6f12-465a-af37-994cca95019e) Asset validation failed (90478) Invalid Version. The build with the version “1.4.8” can’t be imported because a later version has been closed for new build submissions. Choose a different version number. (ID: 159741f8-c523-43c7-be64-26944b6a4c56) Asset validation failed (90717) Invalid App Store Icon. The App Store Icon in the asset catalog in 'BDiary.app' can't be transparent nor contain an alpha channel. (ID: aa7a6b9e-704c-4386-9a0b-251bc4f29c16) 



you can check this link for generate and distribute mobile app.

from service center go to factory then your mobile app then open distribute tab and click change link next to code.

I think this is what you are after, in case anyone else ends up here looking for the answer:


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