How to create an application in Outsystems?

Here is a detailed post/article about how to create an application in OutSystems using service studio. Hope newbies would find it useful - 

How to create an application in Outsystems

Hi Yash Pal,

I see the blog article you wrote and appreciate your hard work.

I'm not sure if I missed something here. A couple of blogs by you today, but both of them showed very basic scenario and those have been covered in numerous videos and learning path courses, and in more detail in the Outsystems documentation.

Can you suggest if you're trying to add any specific value by writing those articles, or these are only to create a blog/textual version of the existing features already explained / taught in those video courses?

I have added my own version in those articles nothing much else. and for better reach, I shared it here just help to others. if you find anything incorrect let me know. sometimes language may play a role while understanding the topic. so I think the post will help others. 

Hi Yashpal

I see your blog and it will be helpful for the newbies to create an application fresh. But these information is also present in the Outsystems guided paths. So, it will be more helpful if you can create a blog related to common problems that Developer faces in their initial timings, like using the parameters in the screens or block. 

You can create a new blog related to web blocks as new developers often have fear to use blocks and their events. 

Hope this information is helpful for you creating new blogs.


Neha Singhal

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