Cannot Change Running Mode to Production


I have an Enterprise 150 license.  I'm taking what was our Development environment and making it our Production environment. 

I attempted to change the running mode in Service Center and received the following error:"Your Development license does not support a Production Environment"  (see attached).

When I go to here: ...I see 5 development licenses.  Where do I find a production license?  

Thanks in advance!  
Hi Ameet,

The production license should also be available for download from the link you've indicated. I'd suggest contacting OutSystems Support - - describing your issue. 

Hello I have a server under development licence (platform server 8.0) and I want to change it to production server. I have licences for both. How do I do this? 

I am thinking of releasing the production licence (since I don't know if it's associated with other server) and then upload this license production in the server Is this procedure correct? Should I also release the development licence currently in use in that server? Thank you, have a great week

Hi Pedro,

I can only recommend you the same as Paulo recommended above: open a Support ticket and explain your situation.

We cannot help you with licensing issues over the forums.

João Rosado