Exporting the data from the Table Records widget

Hello Everybody,
I am exporting the Table Records widget to excel using the "Record List to Excel" widget.  My table is filled with stats, but what if I want totals of the stats displayed at the bottom of each column of the Table Records widget.  Can I do this?  I want to export the stats and the totals from the Table Records widget to my excel spreadsheet.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Frank,

The RecordListToExcel was designed to be a simple row exporter, therefore you won't be able to automatically do any extra aggregation/calculations/fancy styling using it.

Having said that, you can look into the following thread


which explains how to use a Screen content as the source of an Excel: that way you should be able to export, not only styling, but pretty much any logic you want into an XLS.

Hope this helps,

Hi Miguel,

I'm using the RecordListToExcel and i got a little problem here. One of my columns is of the Date type but when i open the file it appears like it's a DateTime type, i get something like "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM". Anyway of getting this to only do something like "YYYY-MM-DD"?

Hi Pedro,

You can do this for example:


Create a structure which defines the fields you want to export.
In this structure you say that your date is of type text.

In your export action:
  Create two local variables in your action to export the type of structure you created before, the type of the variables are Record and RecordList
  Create a Foreach where you iterate the export list (query with the results to export).
  Assign your date in the Record like this: Year (myDate) + "-" + Month (myDate) + "-" + Day (myDate)
Do a ListAppend of the record the RecordList
  Finally in the "RecordListToExcel" put your RecordList and export.



I'm using the "Record List to Excel" and I need to export a single row in a table. When I try to export the desired row, I see that all the rows in the page are being exported. Could you help me in figuring this?