Finding a developer for Agile Platform

Finding a developer for Agile Platform

Hi there,

I'm wondering if you can help - I've been looking for a custom CRM solution for my small business but nothing I've tried (Insightly, Simple CRM, Batchbooks etc etc) is quite suitable for my industry and none of them are customisable enough to make work either.

I've decided to get something built and I stumbled across Agile Platform.  It seems ideal to develop something for us as it looks like we can develop something relatively quickly and deploy it easily - we are a four person team so a small scale project would be ideal but it needs to be something we can produce in weeks rather than months.

I've spoken to Outsystem sales however we are really too small for their in-house development team to work with.  However they suggested building something ourselves with the community license - the thing is even with all the tutorials I still can't get my head around developing for the platform so I'm thinking of hiring a developer to help produce this for us.

I've looked on Google and other freelancer website (elance, guru etc) but I just can't find a developer for this platfrom anywhere - do they actually exist and if so where do I find them??

If you know anyone or in fact are a developer for this platform could we talk more?  You can email me directly on iain (at) sapphiresmodel (dot) com

Hi Iain,
You may also want to check this freelancer website: .