Get Video through REST API cannot control timeline bar


I face an issue about the video timeline controller.

In my case, I ready a video component from OutSystemUI. The videoURL is passed by RestAPI output(Binary Data Type). The result is that the video can be played but the timeline controller is out of control.

 I am looking for the solution to tackle this issue. Thank you very much! 

Hi. In my article here https://medium.com/itnext/serve-files-at-scale-with-outsystems-and-aws-s3-and-cloudfront-6f0b11a37866 you will find information why serving videos by a REST expose does not give you streaming capabilities and how to leverage AWS services to overcome that.

Hello Stefan,

Thank you for your reply. It seems that the REST API can get the video resource correctly. The video can be played but timeline cannot be controlled. I am looking for the solution to tackle this issue. Thank you very much!



check the Developer Tools (Network). When you click on the Timeline you should note that everytime a new call to your rest API endpoint is initiated. (thus everytime the full binary is then loaded from your database). To support HTML5 timeline controls asf you have to store it on a data store which provides you byte range request support. 


Hi Stefan 

Thank you for your reply. All functions about the video are under control except the timeline bar. This issue is reported to outsystem. I will update the latest information after I get the solution. Thank you.

Hi,I face the same issue on chrome with OS cloud. Did you find the solution for this? Thanks!


You got an update from OutSystems? 

Because what Stefan wrote 2 times matches my experience also.



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