Table name won't change in SQL after renaming in Service Studio

By changing a name or deleting a field of a Logical Table (eg. "DOCUMENTO_OMEL" to "DOCUMENTO_OMIE") in an Environment, the OutSystems Platform does not change the name or deletes the field in the Physical Table when you view the tables in SQL Server Management (eg. the name in SQL Server still continues with the name "DOCUMENTO_OMEL" even though the name name is already "DOCUMENTO_OMIE" in Service Studio).
We have another Platform that will need to read the information from our tables.
What happens is that, when we publish our OML in another Environment, the Logical Table Name assumes the new Table Name in the new Environment (eg. Table Name in the new Environment is "DOCUMENTO_OMIE" in Service Studio and SQL Server).
The platform that reads our table names is inconsistent, in Development and Production Environment (eg. In Development Environment is "DOCUMENTO_OMEL" and in Production Environment is "DOCUMENTO_OMIE").
How could we prevent this? Is there some way to get the table names in Outsystems Platform and SQL Server equal in Development Environment? Or a way to change manually for example the new table name in SQL Server or OutSystems platform?
This is a prime demand to have the table names equal in all Environment's.
Hi Nuno,

The agile platform uses the environment database information to define the table name for each environment the first time it publishes the entity. After that it doesn't change the table name. This leads to inconsistent table names between environments when you rename entities that already exist in one environment but not in a second environment.

I suggest you handle this issue using views with the logical names for your external applications to use the entities defined in the agile platform. This will also make your applications a little more decoupled. You can create a script to create the views using the information in the ossys_entity system table (includes the entity name, the physical table name, and a reference to the espace).

Alternatively you can "fix" the physical table name directly in the ossys_entity and recompile the affected espaces, but this should only be done on non-production environtments as you will have downtime and data loss in the process.
Ok! It worked on the last item! Thanks!