slient command for installation outsystems  in windows system

can anyone please share the slient command for installation outsystems  in windows system

Hi Sandip,

You can go to https://www.outsystems.com/downloads/ and download the exe file for service studio.

On execution of it you will be able to install and access your personal environment for Outsystems.

sandip dhar

hi Vrushali Punekar,

thanks for your response but i want to tell on thing that we are want to publish this software to Microsoft  software center in our organization so that our company internal user can install and uninstall the software from there in company provided system. so when we try to publish this software in software we need to slient common to install the software silently without provide any response from user end.  


I am not sure whether it is possible or not, for better information on this you can connect to someone from OutSystems support. 

Hi Sandeep,

Not all .exe installers support silent install. You have a few options:

Run the .exe with /? to see if it has help info (if you have already tried this - just including it for completeness)Extract the .exe with 7-Zip to see if there are .msi installers inside. Sometimes the .exe is just a wrapper to detect the architecture and launch the correct .msi.

I never use 7-Zip for outsystem exe.

is there any specific reason you want silent installer ? bcoz if you are not admin then silent installer will also required admin rights to install.



sandip dhar

thanks Mohammad Shoeb for response but i already check all the step which you are mention but still we are not found the proper slient command for windows.  

Were you able to get a solution?

I'm looking for a silent install too

Doesn't the documentation method work for you?

  • Run the OutSystems Service Studio installation executable as follows: ServiceStudio-.exe /S [/D=]

  • Run the OutSystems Integration Studio installation executable as follows: IntegrationStudio-.exe /S [/D=]


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