Date format change

Date format change

Hi there,

I have a problem with the date format.
When I have a date input it shows up as "2012-03-21" but I want it to show up as "21-03-2012".
Is this possible?

Allso when I use the currdate() function I get the date of "1900-01-01" except of the current date of today.
Hi Daan,

The input_calendar shows the date formated as it is defined in Service Center (by default - but it is configurable).
You can change that by following ServiceCenter > Administration > Server Configuration > Date Format.

Can you explain it a little bit more the problem with the currdate function? What do you mean by workink with "current date of today."?

Thanks for the feedback about the date settings :)

With current date it should show the current system date.
But in stead of the current date it shows a date of 1900.

In the help it says:

The CurrDate function is a built-in function that returns the current system date.

Hi again Daan,

Sorry about the misunderstanding. Can you replicate the currdate problem with a simple eSpace?
Just to check if it is a server problem or an app logic issue. 

Hi Hélio,

Here is a espace with this problem.
I allso added a screenshot with the date problem.

The problem is that you are using the CurrDate() in the "Null Value". The "Null value" is printed when you have an Invalid or empty attribute. In this case you don't, because you are using the variable default value "1900-01-01".

You can use CurrDate() as the Date default value and the problem will be solved.


I have chosen to use an assign with the currdate valeu so I can let another date screen go 7 days back.

I used adddays (currdate(), -7)
Glad to know that is all ok :)

Best Regards