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Forge component by shadaab maniyar

Hi, friends!

At first, I'd like to thank OS guided paths for the opportunity to develop this great app, which I've learned a lot!

But now I have some doubts, and I'm sure someone can help:

a) After developing this app, scaffolding was not working in my service studio, while dragging and drop an entity from the Data tab to the Interface Mainflow; the systems shows the message: " It´s no possible to automatically create screens without compatible screen templates. Try updating the Outsystems UI Reactive Templates in the Forge and restart Service Studio."

b) In Forge, the component Patient Portal model shows the information: "Outsystems Platform dependency analysis has detected that installing this application might impact other applications running in your environment or that it may not run as expected. You may still force the installation of the application at your own risk. Patient Portal model is not compatible with the Outsystems UI you have currently installed. Please upgrade Outsystems UI. "

The questions are: 

1) What's the risk of forcing installment of this component? what could it afect in my personal environment?

2) I've already installed the latest version of Outsystems UI, and scaffolding is still not working in my personal, I got in touch with the support, and Mr Ricardo said that my personal environmental is ok, what should I do if I have already cleaned cache, cookies, reinstalled OS UI and Service Studio?

Thanks in advance for your attention!

scaff doubt.docx

Hi Frank, 

Hope it will usefull, 

This new OutSystems UI version introduces breaking changes.

  • Now, the DEPRECATED_jQuery script was removed, as informed in the previous version 2.8.1. If you wish to continue using this library, please import the JQuery version you want to your application scripts folder.
    This will cause a breaking change if you're referencing this script. To keep using the same jQuery version, you can download it here. 
  • Themes and Scripts reorganization into folders will need consumers to have their references refreshed. 
  • Now, some of the utility client actions that use the OutSystems UI API return an error message, code and success for a more consistent error handling, so consumers will need to have their references refreshed. 
  • Now, the DropdownSetValue client action has a new input parameter "SilentOnChangedEvent" in order to be possible to manage the trigger OnChangeEvent when this action is in use, so consumers will need to have their references refreshed.

from where we can download the DEPRECATED_jQuery script .


Thanks, Murugan! It was solved by deleting the App in the environment and all the references!

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