Resend Email Messages

Resend Email Messages

Good morning,

A few days ago, our client's Application sent some email messages to a given number of recipients. Due to a misconfiguration on the SMTP Server used for relaying, all the messages were not sent.

In the meantime, the problem on the SMTP server was solved, but the number of times Service Center tried to send the mentioned messages, reached its limit.

Is there a way to resend these stuck messages, either on Service Center or through any other kind of approach?

Outsystems version is

Thank you very much in advance.

Paulo Moreira
Paulo Moreira, 2015 and i'm having the same question.
How did you manage to solve this?
Hi capsuline,

First, let me say that it is considered bad form, in general, to revive threads this old. It's better to create a new one. That said, there are a number of system tables that store the e-mail and status. There's ossys_email, that contains the meta data (to, from, etc.). If it has the "store_content" attribute set to True, the content is in ossys_email_content. I'm not sure what happens when it's set to False, but there's an error. It might be the ossys_email_content table always holds the e-mail content, until it is sent succesfully. Then there's ossys_email_status, which contains status information, e.g. the number of errors sending it, and whether it's sent successfully. My guess is that changing the content of the status table (e.g. setting last_error_id to NULL, setting error_count to 0, etc.) could trigger resending the e-mail. At your own risk though :).
Thanks Kilian for the feedback.