Re : Maximum length of the Text Data Type in an Attribute

Hello, everyone.

I'm currently developing an application where i need to save application logs (i created an entity for this). Those logs are in XML, and stored in a Text attribute of that Entity. However, i started wondering: "What is the maximum number of charaters that this attribute can keep?".

This is worrisome, since the XML can potentially be very long, due to various "free text" values it will save.

Thanks in advance.
Hello Luis,

Wouldn't it be better to save the XML as a binary data attribute? You can use the TextToBinary data and BinaryToText actions for that (thougt they where in the Text extension).

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Hello Evert,

Yes, that is a possible solution actually. I'll probably do that. Thanks.

Still, can anyone still answer the thread title? Even though in this specific case there is an alternative (a good one), i'ts nice to know these things.


Luis Reis
Hello Luis,

You might want to take a look in this document:

OutSystems Platform - Performance Best Practices (

Paragraph 2.1.2 is about 'large' attributes (above 2000 char).

The answer of you question is: What the limit of length of  you're database, for sql server see: maximum attributes length (in the top of the page you can select you sql server version).

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Thank you, Evert.

In answer to the actual question (unlike some people):

As far as I've been able to discover, there is no note-worthy limit.

That is, once the specified max length for the text field is above a certain value, the text field will stop being VARCHAR2 and become CLOB (Character Large Object) which really doesn't have any length limit at all (2GB but really... how would you manage that one?).

Of course, Outsystems probably has a limit that is artifically imposes upon us on-top-of the 2GB limit (sounds like something they would do...).


You seem to have a lot of grievances, but this forum is not the right place to vent them. If you want to be helpful, be helpful, and don't start scolding people for not answering the right questions or straw manning OutSystems.