Integrate Product Lifecycle Management Aras with OutSystem

Integrate Product Lifecycle Management Aras with OutSystem

Dear All,

I want to integrate the Aras Innovator Server PLM tool with the outsystem.
How can I go ahead? If anyone have any idea with inetgration then please let me know.
I want to display the data from Aras Server to Agile Platform OutSystem.
Any help appreciated.

Hi Pravin,

I went to look in their website and it's possible to integration through web services:

"Web Services Integrations
For other systems that require access to data or files stored in Aras, such as an online catalog or a shop floor MES system, we recommend using web services. You can interface to the Aras server directly using XML/SOAP, or you can create a WSDL (Web Services Description Language) for the specific business objects you want to interface with."

So it won't be hard! :)

Good Programming!

Hi Ruben,

Thanks Ruben the way that you have told me its a same what I want to do in integration between plm aras and outsystems.