Manually creating a popup window web screen

Hi, can someone tell me how to manually make a popup window web screen? I can make them with Intelliwarp in certain circumstances (i.e. it has to be from within a Table control), but when I'm not using a Table control, it won't make one for me.

So, I need to manually make one, but I can't figure out how to make a web screen to put the popup content in that doesn't have the full page layout in (header, logo, menus etc.). Any ideas?

All I've managed to do so far is to copy and paste one from another project, which seems a less than ideal approach!

Hi Iain,

To create a popup window:
Create the screen you want to Popup (just do a new webscreen and remove the header/logo blocks if you want).
Then on the screen you want to trigger the popup create a Link or Button
Give the link/button a name (lets say MyButton)
Set the destination to the Screen you created to popup and the Method to "Navigate".
Then drag a RichWidgets Popup_Editor block to near the button.
In LinkOrButtonId set to MyButton.Id (actually the name you called it)
And create a OnNotify action (can be an empty Screen Action if you dont require notify messages, but it needs to be set)

And your done :)

Note, if your eSpace has all Inteliwarp stuff correctly set (mostly the Themes properties set) dragging a Popup_Editor to on top of a Navigate link/button will do all the work for you.
If the eSpace has problems, then when hovering Popup_Editor on the button it will try to tell you on the status bar what is missing.

João Rosado
Thanks. It was the intial bit that I was stuck with - trying to get rid of the header, menus etc. then getting an Edit Record item to look like the popup ones. I've managed to do it now, as follows:
  1. Create a normal webform and click anywhere in the screen
  2. Select the first webblock icon in the bottom left of the screen, and change the Source Web Block to Common\Layout_Popup - this gets rid of most of the layout items
  3. Click inside the menu block on the screen, then select its placeholder icon in the bottom left, then press delete, to remove it
  4. Add an Edit Record widget - change its properties so the width is not set (instead of being 100% as it is by default) and set the Cell Spacing to be 7
After doing all that, it seems to match the style applied to the ones that are created by Intelliwarp.

Hopefully that will help some of you trying to do the same thing. The rest is as suggested above.
Hi Sir, Aian Fogg, My Source Web Block has no Common\Layout_Popup. Only LayoutsOther\Layout_Popup. So my web screen still normal web screen.


How can I achieve same using an global exception handler destination element where I don't have any widgets as reference. Just a destination envolved?