To send email with formatted data which I got from CKEditor (Reactive)
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I have used CKEditor to create email body. The output of the Ckeditor comes with Html tags which when sent over mail just go as it is. The email body also has those html tags. I want those tags to be rendered over mail just like how its drafted on CKEditor . Please guide me on this how to solve this problem. 

Have already used Html to Text from HtmlUtils which just sends plain text to mail removing the HTML tags.


If you are using Reactive, you simply cannot send e-mails with variable HTML content. There is no way to not have the Platform escape the HTML. The only alternatives are:

  1. Use a Traditional Web module. In Traditional Web, you can choose to not escape the content of an Expression, or;
  2. Use the RichMail extension to send the mail. Not very developer-friendly, but at least you have full control over the body content.

Thanks @Kilian Hekhuis for providing the possible solutions. RichMail extension worked for me.

Great to hear you got it solved. Happy coding!

hi can you share to me which action in RichMail that can render the CSS and HTML tags. I use Html to text in RichMail, it's just rendered as it is. Thank you.

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