[Cloud Messaging Plugin (Firebase)] Couldn't install Cordova Plugin Error while generating the mobile application
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Forge component by Hector Gordin
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11.54.13 (Build 62526)

I'm using cloud messaging configurator (Firebase) forge component for push notification in mobile application. I have followed all the steps given. Just for extensibility configuration I'm confused what should be given. I tried three different solution but all are not working. Can someone tell me what should I give in extensibility configuration. I have added the resource file (google-services.json) also and deploy to target directory is also mentioned correctly. Runtime path is also correct. In Firebase also API is showing for registering the user in Firebase for cloud message. Just Cordova Plugin error is not getting resolved.

If possible can someone provide the sample oml or oap file. It would be great for me to understand also.

I have also attached some screen shots of error and extensibility configuration.

Hi @Bhanu Pratap Singh ,

Just want to confirm that you added google-services.json or google-services.zip file?

If it's the case then according to this https://success.outsystems.com/documentation/11/extensibility_and_integration/mobile_plugins/firebase_plugins/ you can zip it and add again.



Hi Khuong, 

Yes I have added the good-service.json zip file and set target directory also.

Bhanu pratap singh 

I also faced same issue a few days back, check if any components are deprecated are not.

if yes then you will face a same issue until that component is undeprecated or use other similar components.

if there are no deprecated components try to download the cloud messaging plugin from browser and install in outsystems.

Hi Nani,

The component I'm using is not deprecated its maintained by outsystems also. Let me try the second step that you mentioned.


I'm having the same issue, I just installed the plugin on my OutSystems Platform and integrated it into my Mobile App. When I try to generate the App, it is returning the following error:

"Error: Couldn't install the Cordova plugin cordova-outsystems-firebase-core. If the problem persists, check our documentation for more information."

Anyone face the same issue? @Bhanu Pratap Singh did you manage to overcome the problem?


Captura de ecrã 2023-07-05, às 11.59.21.png

Hi Joao,

No, I didn't got the solution yet.


I'm having the same issue, did anyone find a solution?

Hi @Asmaa Shahen,

Nope still didn't got the solution.

Hello, also facing the same problem, are there any solutions yet?

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