[Advanced Table] Advanced Table - Help Headers Not Working
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I was able to get the table and populate it with data. The columns can be hidden and rearranged but only the rows and not the headers. Does not matter what I change or add to the headers to match the original demo that they hide or are rearranged, only the rows. My question is what is it that directly connects the header to the advanced table so that it can change and hide with the options selected? What is telling the advanced table to move the rows but not the header. Any help would be appreciated

If you look at the demo app the ColumnControlItem is what links a column to the table for hiding and showing.  It uses JS to manipulate the object (AdvancedTableConfig) that is used to set the visibility for the AdvancedTableHeaderItems and the AdvancedTableCellItems.  

What I am confused on is how the header does not hide or reorder but the rows inside do. If I hide a column then the data in the row hides but not the header. Same with reordering. Any clues as to what I might be doing wrong?

Can you post your OML?  I can't say for sure without seeing what it's setup like.

Hi there, I face same problem to, then I have figure out my mistake. To order the Header based on ColumnControl, you have to destroy the Table that been created once the screen loaded. If you notice, there are If condition in the widget tree. the condition is If GetUsers.IsDataFetched. 

The change in ColumnControl will refresh the aggregate GetUsers, then it will clear the Table that been create, and once GetUsers.IsDataFetched is true, it will create the Table again.

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