Decode and display an url encoded input parameter

Decode and display an url encoded input parameter

We built a new Outsystems app that is being called from another webpage with url encoded input parameters.
I want to display the content of the parameters on screen, but the value should be unescaped first and I don't know how to do it.

When calling the application we use a hidden form to pass a CustomerName (from a non Outsystems application)
Suppose the customer is called "John Doe (the first)", then the value from I see in the parameter is "John+Doe+%28the+first%29"

And I want the Outsystems webpage to read "Welcome John Doe (the first)" and not "Welcome John+Doe+%28the+first%29"

Does anyone know how to overcome this?

Hi Karel,

Easiest way is to create a extension with a method that calls HttpUtility.UrlDecode(string)

Anyway, if you are reading that value in a InputParameter of a OutSystems screen, then It should have been already decoded automatically.
Make sure you are not encoding 2 times the string (so that it's getting to the InputParameter double encoded).

João Rosado
Hi Joao,
Can you tell me where I can find the HttpUtility.URLDecode?
Regards Kees


Just added this functionality to this component!


Hi, getting this error while publish this extension..

"Invalid Extension Implementation - Unable to find the assembly file 'outsystems.noshtmlutils.jar' in the extension."

Running Platform

Hi Lokendar,

Are you trying to publish the extension in a Java infrastructure?


Yes..  i do... 
Unfortunately, I have not yet created the Java version for that component...