WYSIWYG/rich text editor suggestions - CKEditor4 end-of-life.

Given the end-of-life for CKEditor4, does anyone have any suggestions for a decent WYSIWYG rich text editor. The commercials for CKEditor5 do not scale well for our application. 

TinyMCE looks like the next best option, but the Open Source plan suggests that there is a 1,000 editor loads per month limit for this licence.  

What else are others using? And more specifically, if you are using TinyMCE, are you loading the package from the TinyMCE source (with the key), or have you taken from the github repo directly?


Thanks Daniel,

I think I went down the wrong path for CK5, my understanding was that it was no longer free for commercial applications. 

After reviewing this and this it appears as though we can include it in our application under the open-source GPL-2.0 licence.

Is that your understanding as well?

Edit: To extend this, the TinyMCE comparison suggests that if using CKEditor5, you must share your source code - I assume this is the source code for any modifications you have made to the CK5 - not the entire source code of your OS application?

Hi Robert,

Did you ever find a solution? I've run into a similar scenario as you and was trying to determine if TinyMCE's forge component is affected by the 1,000 editor loads per month limit.

Hi Fred, 
No it's not affected, this was the response when I queried their support: "Our self hosted open source editor comes with unlimited editor loads. We are currently on v6 of TinyMCE. If you go this route, you will be governed by the MIT licensing laws."

So I guess the point is that it would be self hosted - so you'll need to bring down and store your JS locally.

Hope that helps,


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