Could Agile Platform run on Windows Server 2003 Web Edition 32bit?

As the titel say!

I own a Windows Server 2003 Web Edition 32bit and had just installed on an single computer in the hope that Agile Platform will run on it as well. 

Any info or "Special's" for to use with Agile?

Thanks for any info.
I was wondering it will work with Windows Server 2003 Web Edition because of some comment that says it need Windows Server 2003 R2 on on hand and open the other hand every version of Windows Server 2003 will do the job.

As those comments were from Outsystems Staff, I was getting a bit confuse!

That's why may I ask again: Could the Agile Platform run on Windows Server 2003 Web Edition, YES or NO?

Thanks for any answer.
I've been told it can't run on the 2008 Web Edition, and I would guess it's the same for 2003. It needs the Application Server role which is not included in 2008 Web Edition.
Thanks Ian. Will take a look later I could enable the Application Server Rules or not. I was just finish with installing and upgrading all updates from MS and installed MS SQL Server Express.

I'm just back at my office and have to do some work before having time. Will report later, it's possible to enable the App Server Rules.

Thanks a lot for your infos.
Role, not rule :)
I got it! Thanks Ian!

And you're right, I need to use Windows Server 2003 Standard or Enterprise for to be able to use Application Server Role in Server 2003.

Ok, start again and reinstall server 2003, Have look at my "Reservior" what versin I've available with unused or not used License. That said, I'll need to to do all updates etc. again! A gr....!

Thanks for the info and advice.