Can't always change a combo to an auto-complete

Hi, I've noticed that sometimes I can't get the IDE to convert a combo to an auto-complete - it only seems to do it when it's within an Edit Record widget.

Anyone know how I can convert a standalone combo into an auto-complete? 
I was struggling with the same. Wanted to use a autocomplete on  a popup and can't get the "convert to autocomplete".
What I did was change a normal edit screen with drag-drop autocomplete and detect what is all does...

And it does a lot.
- Changes the combo into an input field
-Adds the widget and sets refs to the new input field
-Creates a screen action to fill the autocomplete
-Adds functionality to the save action 

So you have to convert that all in your screen ... and then it works

What about creating a "dummy" EditRecord, (ab)use the intelliwarp and then take the result autocomplete from the EditRecord to wherever you want it and then deleting the EditRecord?

Hermínio Mira
Yes that's the way I did it, because the intelliwarp doesn't work on a popup screen.
And there is no info in the help how to get the darn thing working ...
Thanks for the idea with the Edit Record - not sure why I missed that idea!!!

Just tried it, now I can't even get the Convert To Auto-Complete option at all, even on an Edit screen. No idea if this is an issue with v7. I have a working drop-down in an Edit screen, the data is showing there, and I still can't convert it!

Have you guys tried this on v7?

Cheers, Iain
Please can someone from OutSystems confirm exactly what the criteria for getting the Convert To Auto-Complete menu option to show?
Hi Iain,

According to the documentation the Combo Box widget must be in a  Web Screen created with IntelliWarp. A workaround might be to create an Edit Screen with Intelliwarp, convert the combo to autocomplete, and then copy the relevant screen actions.

Tiago Simões
OK thanks Tiago, it just feels very manual when most of the application is really smooth, hopefully this can change in the future. Cheers, Iain