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I am using the component to display word documents uploaded by users, however, it isnt set up to display any comments that have been captured within the word document.  Is there a way to adapt the component to be able to include and show comments within the viewer?

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The forge component uses the MS Live Office API via an I-Frame to serve the content.

Unfortunately there is no way to force this API to show comments in documents at this time.
You could upload the documents with the comments forced visible through some processor like Adobe PDF, but I don't think that's your end goal.

You may be able to manipulate the plugin to use a google docs link, assuming the user is always logged into google docs, which I believe can be set to show comments and technically give full document control. I've never attempted this, however, so do not know if google would allow it's use in i-frames.

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Thanks for your follow up RAD Manage thats really helpful, this was my assumed position from my other research.



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