hi everynone,

 i created one sample for character count. when i enter the data in textbox it is not updated the count number. after saving the data ,when i go for edit it is showing updated count. if i enter the data again it is not showing the updated count number. can anybady check and rectify the error. i uploaded the .OML file please check it . if anybady have time please check the error.

sattibabu vatti. 

I can't publish your eSpace where I'm at right now, but I took a quick look at it and the problem seems to be that you are calculating the available chars for the "InitialValue" webscreen parameter when in fact you should be doing it for the variable you are updating in the textbox ("EmpEdit.Record.Emp.Description").

Also it doesn't seem to make sense that you had that "InitialValue" as a webscreen parameter, so I took it out. If you really need just add it again.

I'm uploading my "fixed but not tried" version.

See if it works and let me know,
Hermínio Mira
hi Hermínio Mira,

thanks you somuch .its working fine. :)

Thanks & Regards,
sattibabu vatti