How to implement guidewire integration in Outsystems?
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How to implement guidewire integration in Outsystems?

Hi Praveen,

What kind of integration do you need? Do you need Guidewire to interface with OS, or your OS app with Guidewire? Does Gidewire have an API?

yes Kilian Hekhuis, Guidewire have cloud rest Api. I want how to implement in outSystems.

Hi Praveen,

Have you checked the documentation on how to consume APIs in OutSystems? It's a pretty integral part of working with OutSystems.

Hi Kilian Hekhuis,

I have checked the above documentation of how to consume in Outsystems. but I want how can we use cloud rest API in guidewire integration in OutSystems.

Hi Praveen,

If you have read the documentation about consuming REST APIs, then what is your question? What kind of "integration" do you need? What is your functional need?

@Praveen Relli  please check API documentation for guidewire,


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