How to add android:exported='false'
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How to add android:exported='false' in outsystems mobile application. 



In a native Android application, the android:exported attribute is used to indicate whether a component (like an Activity, Service, Receiver, or Provider) can be accessed by other applications. However, in OutSystems, you do not have direct control over the Android Manifest to add or modify such attributes manually, as the platform abstracts this to simplify the development process.

If you find that you absolutely need to add the android:exported='false' attribute to your Android Manifest, one approach you could consider is to generate the Android package (APK) from OutSystems, decompile it, manually update the Android Manifest file to include the android:exported='false' attribute, and then recompile the APK.

That said, manual modifications like these can be tricky and are not recommended due to potential compatibility issues with future OutSystems updates.

If you believe this setting is essential for the security or functionality of your application, you should reach out to OutSystems Support to discuss your specific requirements and explore if there's a recommended approach for achieving this.


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PS:If you are working on a critical or sensitive project that requires a high level of security, please consult with your security team to evaluate the potential risks and compliance requirements associated with your need to add android:exported='false'.

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