How to use Zscaler Root CA and Consume REST API?

Hi there,

I am wondering about certificate:

We have Outsystems cloud environment that will consume Web Service from external.

The external gives us a certificate Zscaler Root CA.

Then i read this:


that says 

"Self signed certificates or any type of certificate that isn't universally recognized (such as certificates issued by a public certificate authority are) must be added to the trusted root store of the servers that host the Platform Server. "

My question is:

1. Does this  Zscaler Root CA  a public or self-signed certificate?

2. If it is public, do we still need to install it in the outsystems cloud?

3. Can i use the REST APi action as usual (in the Integrations/REST) or do i need forge to consume the external web service?





Zscaler is typically considered a trusted certificate authority, not a self-signed certificate. It is commonly used in corporate and enterprise environments for secure web gateway functionalities.

Yes, you can use the standard REST API actions available in OutSystems to consume the external web service.

If you have any specific requirements or face issues related to security protocols, timeouts, or other advanced features, feel free to reach out!

RAD Manage

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