Can't see registration in Onesignal after successful registration
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.54.22 (Build 62709)

I am trying to send pushnotifications to users. When i try to register it works and i get a succes message. I don't see it coming in my onesignal app. If i try to send a notification i get back the error: "onesignal push notifications unable to find user id". I saw that i need to change the async of the register but when i do that i get this error from the registration: "No devices registered for the provided UserID ". I think it goes wrong at the sending but the fact that i don't see it in my OneSignal account make me doubt it. Does anybody know what i can do?

I dropped some pictures of my functions down below

2023-08-22 11_33_38-Service Studio.png
2023-08-22 11_33_14-Service Studio.png

I had the same issue, without any information the device was not Created or Updated. With updating the OneSignal Plugin from the forge everything was functioning as expected again

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