[BDDFramework Client Side] Test execution timeout when starting through API
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11.54.22 (Build 62709)

I'm calling the BDDFramework api:


but I get timeout error as a response:

{"SuiteSuccess":false,"SuccessfulScenarios":0,"FailedScenarios":0,"SkippedScenarios":0,"FailureReports":[],"ErrorMessage":"Unable to call TestSuite screen '{TestSuiteScreen} ' for eSpace '{TestESpace} '. Exception: waiting for selector 'div[data-block='BDDFramework.FinalResult']' failed: timeout 10000 ms exceeded"}

There is also following error log:

waiting for selector 'div[data-block='BDDFramework.FinalResult']' failed: timeout 10000 ms exceeded

   at ssTestRunner_API.RssExtensionTestRunner_Ext.MssRunTest(HeContext heContext, String inParamChromiumFolder, String inParamTestURL, Int32 inParamExecutionTimeout, Boolean inParamIsBenchmark, IRecord& outParamResult)

   at ssTestRunner_API.CsRESTExpose.Csv1.Csv1ControllerFlows.Flowv1ActionRunTestSuite(HeContext heContext, String inParamTestESpace, String inParamTestSuiteScreen, Int32 inParamTimeout, STTestSuiteResultStructure& outParamResult)

Have I missed something? When opening the test application directly on web browser I can see test case results.

I think that the failure is where the TestURL is combined (TestRunner_API -module / REST / RunTestSuite). That is starting with:

"HTTP://localhost/" + TestESpace +

I'm just guessing but maybe unsecure connection is prohibited or something like that.. Anyway changing to HTTPS I got a certificate error. As a workaround I changed localhost to my environment URL and it started to work. Some more generic solution is of course needed. 

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