Role based access control in application

Can Outsystems do RBAC in the login? like user need to choose their role before login. if can, how? help me



If you want role choice to user. Then after login you need to direct user to screen for role selection. On that screen you can show all the roles of application. Once user choose any one role just check user have that role access or not and according to your business logic can show message or handle it.


Not sure if i understand your question.
Outsystems has a build-in user module where you can manage users and roles


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Yes of course, You can create Create Roles and create a functionality in such a way that you will grant the role to the user upon signing in, You can create a logic flow and on the flow, you can create switch case branches and move the flow to the branch for the role you have created 

You can use the persistent role property to assign the role for a session in that case yu can assign the user the role which he selected for a user session

You can check the documentation here for it . - Persistent: The runtime granting or revoking of Roles is stored in the database and is kept in between login sessions. Set the Is Persistent property of the Role to Yes.

Tousif Khan

Hello Azfar,

As far as i understood your question, On login you want to redirect users on the basis of their role.

If that's the case, then first you should create role e.g. admin, user, manager etc.

After creating roles assign roles to the specific user from users application.

 After assigning roles, on login button logic of your application you have to check the role of user which is trying to login, for that you have to use the inbuilt 'checkrole' function, based on that role you can redirect your user.

Hope that was the use case, if not please reach out with more description.



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