Creating a new pick list from an existing list
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Hello all.

I have a list with the names of individuals pulled from a database displaying on the left side of the screen.  Next to each I’ve added a button that has an onClick event called “PickIndividual”.  When the button is pressed I want to update the rightside portion of the screen to show the name of the individual I just picked.  I can pick as many individuals as I want to add to this selected group.  

Setting a variable to itself along with the last picked name will create a string of names on the screen of the individuals I have picked.  But I want to interact with the list of names…perhaps with the ability to remove some or rearrange the order they appear.  

What should I be doing instead of setting a variable to the name of the selected individual?

Screenshot shows the button action which is setting the variable to the name selected.


Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 3.22.45 PM.png

Hi @Richard Dwyer,

You can store individual's name in the list type variable.

Please share the OML with us so that we can make the modifications and respond to you correctly.





For right side also you can take one empty list of same type as it on left side. When user click on button just add clicked item to right list using listappend.

For more cases like remove can also use default list operations.



Hi @Richard Dwyer 

You can create same list variable for right side portion as well and when user click on the button append selected name to that list variable using AppendList action.

If possible please share oml so I can modify it.



Thank you all for your help.  I was able to create to the list and add to it using ListAppend.  

In the future, I will include the OML file.


Hi Richard

Happy to know that your problem is resolved.

Kind Regards,


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