How to Delete Email From Inbox
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Hello everyone,

In my requirements I need to check for any new emails once every 30 minutes, and process said emails. To prevent my app from processing the same email twice, I'm trying to delete the email once we've finished processing it.

So far I've tried using EWS Email to read the inbox and getting the attachments, I've checked numerous other forge components but I'm having trouble finding Forge components that support deleting email from the mail inbox. 

Does anyone know a way to do this without developing my own Forge component? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,

what email service are you using ?
both Google and Microsoft provide APIs that allow you to programmatically manage emails, including deleting emails. These APIs are Google's Gmail API and Microsoft's Outlook REST API. 

Gmail API Forge

i can't find a premade component in the Forge for the Microsoft API but you don't need that. You can find the needed information online 

Dear Thibaut G,

I'm using Microsoft mail services. I'll try looking into Microsoft Graph API and update my progress here. I'll try out Microsoft Graph Connector too. Thanks for the tipping me into the right directions, I was lost on where to start.

Best Regards,

You're welcome.

Keep in mind that using these APIs requires some familiarity with programming and API usage.
If you don't have any experience with API i would recommend some training before trying to use the Microsoft API's as they can be complex for beginners. But once you understand API it's really not that complex

Good luck :) 

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