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Hi Community,

Looking for your suggestions as I'm getting an error while calling a REST API with Post method.

I've thoroughly investigated the code and researched on the forums and OS documentation regarding the issue, but nothing can be found as a solution.

Could you please help me out with this.

Please refer the below stack, 

Hi Sandip, 

Which Rest area you trying to use? 

If possible provide more details 

Nevertheless you can add to your REST 



callback actions and log or debug to find out the differences between UI and timer calls


Hope that it helps you 


Hi @Sandip Saha 

It might be possible this error from API side not from Outsystems.

Did you try to run same in other tools like postman



Hi Arun, 
Thanks for your response.

Yes, I had run that on Postman, and it's fine.
All the issues came from the production side and I'm a bit confused about the root cause of it.
So, if you could explain a bit about the cause behind the issue, that would be great.

Hi Sandip Saha ,

Did your test on Postman was in Non Prod or directly to PROD?

In some infrastructures there are restrictions from the IP's allowed to do the requests to the WEB services.

If this is the case your Outsytems Server address should be allowed in the destination to perform these requests.

Try to figure out if this is the case.

Non PROD environments sometimes don't have such strict security rules.

Hope that it helps you

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