Page scrolls to bottom on load (Data Action with SQL Statement)
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.54.23 (Build 62741)


Since we have upgraded the OutSystems UI to the latest available version I am experiencing some strange behaviour on a page. The page has a table that is populated by a custom SQL statement. 

It seems that everytime the data is being refreshed, the page scrolls to the bottom. I know for sure that this is happening since we updated the UI. I used to have a search field that would refresh the data on change to create the best user experience when searching data. However, with every letter typed now, the input loses focus and the page scrolls to the bottom. 

Does anybody else experience this and know how to resolve it by any chance? 

This is not happening when I use a normal aggregate, but my table is too complex to just have an aggregate.


Since the problem started after upgrading OutSystems UI, it's possible that one of the components you're using has been replaced by a new version. You should check the dependencies in OutSystems UI and see if any of the components you're using are tagged as 'DEPRECATED

Can you share your OnChange Action?

Hi Thibaut,

I don't have any deprecated elements left in my application. Took them all out.

My OnChange looks like this (right now it is not OnChange but OnClick of a button, though)


The switch statement determines which dataset the user is looking at and only refreshes that data to not have unneccessary load requests. All outputs are set to their own table which are either shown or hidden based on boolean values. As mentioned, this used to work perfectly fine a few weeks ago... 


Does the page go to the bottom when you press 'search' now that you are using a OnClick instead of the OnChange?

Are their any 'OnAfterFetch' client actions present on the refreshed data actions where the problem could originate from?

JavaScript Errors: Check your browser's developer console for any JavaScript errors. Errors in your client-side code, especially within the onChange event handler, could lead to unexpected behavior.

CSS: Identifiy potential problems in the CSS code using the developer tools

Page Reload: Make sure that your input field is not causing a page reload. Sometimes, when an input field is inside a <form> element without the appropriate event handling, pressing Enter or changing its value might trigger a form submission, which could cause a page reload.

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