how to open pop up by javascript

how to open pop up by javascript 


Hi Omar, can I ask why would you want to do that?

Please give more info regarding your use-case, as if you are using the Popup widget you have a property called showPopup, where you can bind to a boolean variable, and changing the value of your boolean local variable between True and False will make the popup appear/disappear. 

So in your logic if you want to make the popup open, just pass the value of your boolean variable bound to it, to True. 

But let me know your specific use-case and why you are not following the regular method so I can try and help further,


Hi @Omar AbdElhadi 

Yes, As Paulo suggest, use the OutSystems popup widget to show and hide. It will also work on client side as JavaScript. 

Please refer the link for more details




Hello @Omar AbdElhadi 

For Js based open and close option you can use this popup component that you can call from any screen action of your by just passing the identifier of the popup it has client actions available which you can call using JS $Action.YourClientActionName

I am attaching one example for you - 

FORGE - https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/10870/winbox-js-modal-reactive

Sample  via JS - https://personal-ejuytnht.outsystemscloud.com/MenuwithSubMenu/CustomPopUpSample?_ts=638291900942294235

Reference Oml is attached

Tousif Khan

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