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I'm trying to use the upload widget and then I want the photo to be shown on another screen. It's possible?
Thank you

Hello Inês,

Yes, it's possible. Using the upload widget, you'll be able to store the content (binary data) in the database.

In the second screen, you just need to fetch the database for that binary data and display that image (passing the binary data in the Image Content property).

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Rui Barradas

Hi @Inês Costa.

As per my understating convert you binary data to base64 using binarytobase64 action which is available in Binary data extension and pass text through input parameter on another screen.

Get that text using input parameter on another screen convert it to Base64toBinary.

Hi Inês Costa,

Its possible. Please see following steps,

In the screen, add upload widget and provide the File Content and file name (It can be from library in which you are storing the binary data) .

After that just add Upload Button, and in the button's action write a logic to save the uploaded file to database.

You can add new screen where you want to show the uploaded images. 

Please see attached OML.

Hope this helps,



Hello @Inês Costa 

You can store the file in the DB and display it on any of the screen where you would like to call it.

Just bind the image to boolean attribute and save the file by using create entity action and save it in your table. Once done  you can fetch the data from the table and show it by using Image widget 

I am attaching an example and sample for you hope it may help
You can also refer to the Tutorial Video here

Sample - https://personal-ejuytnht.outsystemscloud.com/MenuwithSubMenu/ImageSample

I hope this will help you

Tousif Khan

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