New quiz questions on completed journeys

Hi all learners in the community,

if you are anything like me, you like your completed journeys to show as a neat 100 % after you finished.

Outsystems has revamped the learning experience and is also continously changing the content of the journeys.  When your journey as a consequence becomes less than 100%, you can easily see which ones you have already covered with a green check mark, and which ones are new.

Except for the quizzes, if a question gets added to a quiz you already took, it still shows with a green check mark in front.  

I really don't want my completed courses to show as anything other than 100%, so i started going through the journey with 'Next Lesson' button until I find the missing quiz question.   Answering that extra question then gives me the satisfying 100%.

Since our time is precious, I propose to share here the extra quiz questions, and on what journeys they are.  Not the answer or actual questions, just a link to find it !

Please feel free to post any you find, with both the journey name, and the link to a quiz with new questions, and I'll add them to the list.

Becoming a web developerquiz/o11/56
Building Screens With Dataquiz/o11/29


Off course, this experience is not same for everyone, as it depends on when you originally took the quiz.

Thanks for sharing.

2023-09-03 17-34-07
Mark Wolter


thank for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for sharing

I don't want to close this post, so others can share other usefull links, but I think maybe it is better to share appreciation with a like than a post, to keep it sweet and short.


Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing, I got 100% now

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