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Hello outsystems community! 

  I just started working on outsystems and trying to find a way for CI/CD .. basically my idea is to have first-level dev environment were the developers are working on and push there changes to, then once a change has published to this env I want to trriger a pipeline ( via triggerpipeline plugin) to extract the source code and push it to gitlab , then deploy to pre-prod and prod deployment via the ci/cd too

I found some articles talking about Jenkins to do this , but wanted to see the community experiments in this area

Simple flow to make it clear: 

1. Devloper start developing on low level env (Dev env) 

 >>>>>>> 2. Dev publish the change to Dev env. 

                  >>>>>>>>> 3. Pipeline triggered and fetch latest tag from Dev

                                        >>>>>>>>> 4. extract the source code from fetched version.

                                                              >>>>>>>> 5. push src to Gitlab/Github

                                                                                  >>>>>>> 6. Deploy to pre-prod/prod 

Thank you!


Hi Abeer,

Welcome to OutSystems. You cannot just extract the source code in outsystems and put it in Github.

There is also no need for that, OutSystems comes out of the box with a version control system and a CI/CD application life cycle tool called LifeTime.

I suggest you do first further study on how the OutSystems platform supports the full application lifecycle out of the box.

Further reading material:

Once you are experience with the built in capabilities, you could extend them and build an OutSystems continues delivery pipeline:



Hi Abir,

Few additional pointers for integration of CICD - Refer this video CICD Integration with Jenkins



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