Event that takes when the table record loads

Hello Everybody,
I need a javascript event that captures each time a row is loaded on a table records widget.  When a page loads, 'onload' is the event that describes this action.  What event describes what happens when each row is loading on the table records widget.......'onrowload' ?..........'rowload'?.......'tablerowload'?

What I am trying to do in the big picture is key off on a value that populates each cell in a column of a table records widget and then color the background a certain color when an expression value is a certain number.

Thanks in advance.

The easiest way is to use the extended properties on the table cells themselves (i.e. style).  If the data is getting populated as the table is being loaded, then you may have to loop through the data after the query to populate a value and then use this values in the styles of your cells.

Thanks Rebecca!  That is an approach I did not consider.  It might kill some time to loop the data, but this might be the only option.

Another option may be to use an advanced query to retrieve the data, then you wouldn't need to loop through the data.