Development or production mode

Development or production mode

Hi, is there any way to find out the server's running mode i.e. is it in development or production mode? This would allow me to display extra info for users while testing that I don't want to appear on the live site.

Alternatively, does anyone have a way of achieving the same objective?

Hi Iain,

Best way is for you to create a Site Property in one of your eSpaces for that purpose.
Like, "Site.DebugMode". Leave the default to False.

Then on your development servers go in service center and change the value of that site property to True.
Also if you require that feature in more than one eSpace, make a public action to return it's value.

João Rosado
Hi João, thanks for that, I'll do that.

Maybe in the future you could work it into the platform API so it simply queries the platform settings?