Data level access control

May I know how can I realize data access control for the application.

1. Data level

E.g. User management by Team (User can only view and edit the record according to the team assigned to them)

2. View, Edit, Delete right

3. By field level (Some field cannot be edited by the user)

Kindly advise above cases with oml. Thanks!!

Hi Winnie,

  1. You can achieve this by implementing the concept of an Access Control List. How to do that is documented here: https://success.outsystems.com/documentation/best_practices/architecture/use_access_control_list_to_set_up_permission_based_access_to_data/
  2. You can arrange this with defining granular roles like Can edit, CanDelete,, CanView, and assign the relevant roles to users or user groups.  Then use the roles in your logic and screen design.
  3. Same as 2. If it depends on a specific user permission to edit a field you can arrange that with a role.

Kind regards,


HI Daniel, 

Would you mind to attach a simple example for my further exploration and refernece? Thanks. 

I don't have time for that. I believe the URL I shared detailed describes how you can implement it. Maybe you try it first, and when stuck share what you have done, for the community to help you get it working.

Hi Winnie,

Can you share an OML as a starting point for your project? So I can extend this to the access control you like.

Hi Damian, please find attached oml. E.g. take JobMaintennce2s interface as an example. 

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