[Highcharts JS] Stroke-width and Font updates in Highcharts
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Forge component by Paulo Coelho
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11.54.24 (Build 62760)
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11.18.1 (Build 38276)

Hi, we have recently updated the OutSystems version along with the Outsystems Charts and we have observed that the lines in the line charts are thinner now. Initially, they were of 2px by default, now showing 1px. Also, the font family of the text in the chars is also changed. So, just want to confirm is there any update regarding the same in the recent 3.0 version?

Hi Manik.

I think you might be confused since this isn't the Outsystems Charts component.

With this one however you're able to customize the line width and it should also be possible to customize the font family as long as you follow the Highcharts documentation and put this information in the correct structures. 

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