Access to static entity translation
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Is it possible to get all the translations from a static entity, I found the physical tables in the database, but this is not preferred since these names can be dynamic, is there a way to get all translations from a static entity, I need these for exporting to external systems.


Hi Damian,

I'm not sure what your purpose is. If you just want all static entity translations, you can export the language resources to Excel via Service Studio, and filter on "StaticRecordAttributeValue" in the Location column.

If you want to fetch them in your code, just set the current locale to the one you want, and use an aggregate that retrieves all records of the static entity.

Hi Kilian

I want to export a static entity including the translations to external systems, I want to do this using code so no manual task is needed, But by your answer, I think there is no efficient way to access the translation than switch languages every time to get the correct translation.

I think that's indeed the case, just switch languages (locales) and repeat the query/queries. The translations themselves are, like you already saw, stored in different entities that aren't accessible directly, and database views that combine these with the original entity. Setting the locale and querying is the only way to retrieve them.

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