Unselect a specific item in a DropdownTags in Reactive

How could i unselect a specific item in a DropdownTags in Reactive, but keep it in the options to be select.

For example, unselect the selected "+ Add a new interlocutor". 

I want to do this in a client action, not when clicking in the "x" next to each selected option


Hey Flávio ,

I am using the dropdown tags form OutsystemsUI => Interaction => DropdownTags

When I will click the cross button, it will be disappeared.

Thanks & Regards,

Sudip Pal


To achieve this you can use OutSystems UI's "DropdownSetValue", which allows you to specify the selected values for the dropdown. So in your case, you can filter your initial list to only include the elements you want to remain selected, and then call the client action passing that list as a parameter.

Hi Flávio Lucio,
I am attaching an OML for your reference please check if it works for you.

Adam Gangrekar.

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