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So, I'm trying to create a history, where it shows all of the employee's of month previous selected (that are stored in a database called "EmployeeOfMonth"), this history is organized by year (that is selected by a dropdown menu) and by month.

So this is the screen. 

It has a dropdown menu with this properties: 

Where the Year is a Integer Record and Years is a fetched data from other source that looks like this:

Then I have a if condition that basically is to show the employee of that month, it's like this: 

NameANDPhoto is a entity that joins the EmployeeOfMonth (stores the employees of month) entity with the Files entity (stores the photos of the employee of months)

However, only shows the last employee (with the most recent date). Could you help me figure it out how to show all of previous employees? 

Hi @Ines Costa,

As per my understanding create a OnChange Event of dropdown and inside this refresh getEmployeeOfMonth aggregate.

I hope this will help you



Like this?

Hi @Inês Costa ,

You are using the Current attribute of NameANDPhoto.List outside the context of a list/table widget (or a ForEach logic node). Outside such context It will always have the same record, which is the first of the aggregate. 

A solution would be to use a list widget. In the attached .oml I defined the static entity Month and redefined your aggregate to retrieve the Month joined with/without the EmployeeOfMonth and an extra condition: EmployeeOfMonth.Year = Year, then joined it with/without the Employee and Files entities. Then I used it as Source for a list widget.

Hoping to have helped you.

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