[Advanced Excel] Conditioning Formatting apply background color to cell
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I tried applying the conditional formatting add rule server action into this oml file that I received in my other forum post but it keeps showing me the error Object reference not set to an instance of an object not sure where I went wrong when applying this server action but without adding this everything works well. 

The purpose of me adding the conditional formatting action is to check if any cell is empty if it is empty i highlight the cell in red when I download the file I am able to see which cells are not filled up (is planned when I have large datasets easier for user to find). Would greatly appreciate any kind of help!

AdvanceExcelDemo (3).oml

Hey Ng,

I have resolved the error and modified the code.Now if there is any blank column it will be colored as red and will be downloaded .If there is not blank column it will be saved in DB.

Thanks & Regards,

Sudip Pal

AdvanceExcelDemo (3).oml

Thank you! I will try out the file

May I ask what does ruletype mean why is it 32 and what does the address do?

Address means address of the Cell . Example

A1 means 1st column 1st row

A2 means 1st column 2nd row


B1 means 2nd column 1st row


i see thanks! sorry may i ask how about rule type

Hey Ng

I don't have much knowledge on that.Sorry

May I ask if I want to download the error file by clicking on a download button instead of downloading straight after I submit the file with blank cells how should I go about it

I added one more column title but then when i upload it is not able to read the title value and populate in the table or database not sure why is it the case and how to solve it. Would require some help for this!

AdvanceExcelDemo (3).oml

Hey Ng ,

I will definitely resolve your doubt.Give me some time.I will get back to you soon.


Sudip Pal

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