Google Maps Mobile(Mapping from Application Screen to Google Map)
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I'm currently implementing google map in Mobile application.

With the help of forum, Google Maps mobile Sample and Google Maps Mobile Library I could able to achieve.

1] Set the Map and Map Marker

2] And click events on Marker to show InfoWindowObject

3] I could able to navigate to different screen

The requirement is that , 

Case 1:  When the user click on event (Which is on different screen with info available: lat, lng, city, address ) It should go to Map screen and show the Marker selected with respect to that event with the Info box shown

Case2: When we click on Map Marker the detail box is visible which has link to other screen(already done). Now when we navigate to that link it should go to respective event in other screen and I should be able to navigate back to Map with the details pre-selected.

Can anyone please help me achieve these cases.

I appreciate all the help.

Its a Mobile App.

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