Transfer of binary file through sftp

Hi.. How to transfer binary files through sftp... can anyone guide me how to proceed. it would be helpful if someone attaches oml with an example 

Hi Raghavendra Palegar ,

I think you can have a look at this component:


I hope it helps you

Thank you

Thank you for the link @Ahmad Aqil ..

I have tried this sftp already..but not sure of the details i am giving in that i am attaching the screeen shot of that. Pls let me know the format of details i have given is correct or not.

Hi Raghavendra,

The values for Hostname, Port, Username and Password of course depend on where the SFTP server lives, the organisation that makes the SFTP server available should be able to tell you what values to use. Obviously, "" is not a valid hostname.

The same goes for Path, the organisation that owns the SFTP server will tell you what path to use (and it's most certainly not "C:\").

hi Kilian, Yes, here i mentioned as ""  but I am using my IP address as hostname. can you please provide me an oml thats saves the data to local database from outsystems database. It would be helpful for me.

Hi Raghavendra,

You cannot use your own IP address as hostname, unless your computer can be reached publically from the internet.

As for saving data to the database, I'm sorry, but that's a whole different topic, which depends on the format the data is in (CSV? Excel? XML?) and your data model. You can't just ask people to "provide an OML" for something like that. Let's keep this topic to SFTP!

You cannot use your own IP address as hostname --- ok 

Data is in csv format..

need some inputs on this sftp like how to proceed....

Hi Raghavendra,

I'm really not sure what further help we can give you. Your question on how to transfer a file via SFTP has been answered. Any other subject, like how to parse a CSV file, or how to store things in the database, should be asked in a different forum topic.

That said, something like storing data in the database should be strightforward for anyone who has followed the OutSystems free courses and guided paths. Did you have training in OutSystems at all?

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