Will OS11 be replaced by ODC?

We are considering migrating to ODC from OS11, In talks with the Outsystems sales representative, he said that OS11 has its roadmap guaranteed only until 2025, and after that, the OS11 might not be upgraded at all. Does anyone have inside info about this?

Well, I don't know if anyone can give you an internal answer different from what's in public documentation. For now there seem to be no ending at sight.


Considering the size of some of the recent clients they're just now on-boarding onto OS11, I do not see support for OS11 ending any time soon, definitely not within the next 24 months.

ODC is a completely different architecture and we will probably see multiple iterations before there's a true parity of functionality, let alone any forced compliance for any sort of move away from OS11.

Hello Paulo, 
Recently I wrote 3 articles about this: 

They are opinion articles, where I explain which for me, at this point of the time, makes more sense to go for, some tips and best practices that allow devs to "better prepare" the OS11 applications for a future transition to ODC and the major limitations of ODC. I hope you find it interesting. 

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